Tentative Projects

BHS-flooring in freshman hall, replace doors, repaint lockers, roof on auto shop, concrete, main sprinkler lines and time clocks, upgraded lighting in gym, motion sensors in hallways and restrooms
MVMS- Reseal parking lot, flooring, concrete, motion sensors for hallways and restrooms
Stalker Elem- Flooring, playground, concrete
Stoddard Elem-flooring, parking lot entry way, concrete
Groveland-Flooring, reseal blacktop
Ridge Crest-Upgraded lighting in hallways, flooring, concrete
Fort Hall- Flooring, reseal blacktop, concrete
Wapello-Flooring, concrete, water valve
IAHS-Blacktop, concrete, tree removal, flooring
BHSG-Flooring, concrete, upgrade lighting in hallways